All the tools to successfully manage tasks and requests

Agilesk is a tool that helps people manage their projects. It has different features that are easy to use. You can see a list of tasks, use a kanban board, and also view a timeline called Gantt and a calendar. It also allows you to import a lot of information at once and set up notifications and workflows based on different roles, types of tasks, and statuses.


Everything you need

Rich and responsive web application

Agilesk Web is a tool that you can use on your computer, tablet, or phone. It has everything you need to set things up and keep track of them.

Customizable mobile app

Follow your projects and communicate with your teams from anywhere thanks to our customizable Agilesk Mobile application compatible with iOS and Android.

Configuring roles and permissions

Customize access roles and permissions according to your needs. Control who has access to which actions to ensure optimal security and efficient use of the tool.

User management by specific project and role

Facilitate the management of an unlimited number of users by adding them to projects with customized roles, ensuring optimal access control and efficient utilization of the tool.

Types of requests configurable by project

Customize request types for each project with Agilesk. To subsequently define specific fields and workflows for each request type.

Customization of request statuses per project

Customize request statuses for each project with Agilesk. You can then define personalized workflows, to move from one status to another, according to your needs.

Management of projects and sub-projects

Easily manage projects and subprojects. You can track the request status of each project or have an overview of all your projects in one place.

Management of requests and filters by criteria

Optimize the management of your requests by effectively filtering them based on various criteria and creating personalized views to streamline the tracking and handling process.

Managing attachments to requests

Agilesk offers a seamless solution for effortlessly adding, visualizing, and downloading attachments to your requests. Enhance collaboration and streamline tracking with this convenient feature.

Personalized request listing and reporting

List requests and create personalized reports using more than 30 search criteria and tailor-made tables for effective tracking and analysis.

Kanban board by project and search criteria

As tasks progress through the different stages, using the Kanban view allows you to visualize progress and spot requests that are stuck or behind schedule.

Gantt report by project, period and other criteria

The Gantt chart makes it easy to visualize tasks, their deadlines and dependencies. Don’t lose sight of your plans, so you can adjust your plan if necessary.

User-specific Email and Mobile notifications

Email and Push notifications help you stay informed if others @mention you or make changes to requests you’re interested in.

Personalized workflow and management rules

Configure your workflows in one place and based on roles and request types. All requests will follow exactly the steps you want.

PDF, XLS and CSV export of tailor-made reports

PDF, XLS, and CSV export options allow you to easily share data from your project or specific views with your partners.

Cloud hosting on flexible server

Depending on the needs of your IT team, you can quickly use Agilesk on the cloud, benefiting from the speed, flexibility and capacity of suitable cloud servers.

Custom fields by type, status and project

If necessary, adding custom fields is possible on requests, projects and other types of Agilesk data. Allowing you to customize business data.

Security and data replication on the server

Hosting methods adopting the highest level of security to ensure data confidentiality and allow regular backup of your settings, projects and requests.

Complete activity history by user, project and request

Relevant reporting to closely monitor the activities of your teams

Permissions per user to ensure data confidentiality

Satisfaction guaranteed

24/7 customer support

At Agilesk, we place a significant emphasis on enhancing your user experience. This is why we strive to provide you with top-notch support to address any inquiries you may have. We offer various assistance options tailored to your needs, company size, and budget, ensuring that we deliver the utmost level of service.


Interactive online training courses

Maximize your work efficiency through Agilesk’s free online training portal. The courses feature instructive videos on key concepts, guided practical exercises to apply what you learn, and knowledge assessments to reinforce your understanding. With our online training platform, project management will hold no more secrets for you.

30-day free trial

Test Agilesk Mobile with all features. Take the time to create your projects, invite users, add requests and tasks, assign them and visualize everything in the form of Gantt, Kanban and multitudes of personalized reports.