Customizing request statuses

Agilesk makes it easy to customize request statuses to suit your distinct workflow. It enables effortless customization of custom states, transitions, and actions, ensuring transparent project management that aligns with your internal operations.


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Customizing request statuses

Total adaptability to your methodology

Configure and customize request statuses to suit your unique workflow. Design tailor-made reports that perfectly align with your internal operations, allowing you to effectively oversee your projects and meet your requirements.

Increased visibility

By adapting the statuses of requests, we can obtain a lucid and precise representation of the progress of the project. This helps quickly identify important milestones, likely roadblocks and outstanding requests, enabling informed decision-making and workflow optimization.

Improved collaboration

The act of customizing one’s statuses enhances communication and collaboration among team members, thereby ensuring that the whereabouts of requests are consistently evident, fostering coordination and cooperation. The ensuing transparency derived from this approach ultimately culminates in enhanced project efficiency and productivity.

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Teams using this feature

Support and customer service

From technical assistance to service support, Agilesk enables service teams to provide a pleasant customer experience and maintain effective communication within projects.


Implement your company's vision by optimizing supplier investments, improving collaboration with partners and obtaining advanced, real-time reports.


Agilesk enables logistics companies to track transport operations, improve customer communications, stay organized, build customer loyalty and win more contracts.

Human resources

Create a centralized platform for your human resources management team to collaborate on projects across your organization.

Project management

Having trouble seeing the big picture? Agilesk connects all the pieces for you, from roles and projects, to tasks and schedules and activity histories for each team.

IT Services

Meet the needs of your staff and deliveries by managing daily service requests, support tickets and de's in one place.

Chat with a request management expert

Our agility experts are ready to answer all your inquiries and offer invaluable advice on how to maximize the benefits of Agilesk within your business.

Cloud management

Robust and secure web infrastructure

Increased scalability and flexibility

Ability to scale up or down computing resources as needed. This flexibility allows businesses to better manage their resources and avoid overpaying for unused capacity.

Improved security and reliability

Robust security features including data encryption and regular backups. This ensures that your business data is always safe and protected from cyber threats.

Performance and optimization

Cloud computing has fundamentally transformed the operational landscape of businesses by granting them access to robust computing capabilities, while also enhancing their ability to collaborate and communicate effectively. The team diligently endeavors to uphold optimal performance levels.

Quick installation and configuration

Fast and scalable installation

Using cloud servers for Agilesk web application installation offers advantages in terms of flexibility, customization, security, cost and scalability.






What users think

The ability to customize request statuses in Agilesk made it easier to adapt our workflow, resulting in a marked improvement in efficiency.

Julien Dupuis

Purchasing Manager

We were able to synchronize our project management with our internal methodology, thanks to the request status customization functionality on Agilesk.

Julien Mazarin

IT and Outsourcing Director

The adaptability that Agilesk provides by allowing us to customize request statuses has significantly streamlined our task tracking and control procedure.
Émilie Martin

Marketing director


Other Functionality

Rich and responsive web application

Accessible from your computer browser, tablet or even phone, Agilesk Web contains all the configuration and monitoring features you will need.

Customizable mobile app

Follow your projects and communicate with your teams from anywhere thanks to our customizable Agilesk Mobile application compatible with iOS and Android.

Configuring roles and permissions

Customize access roles and permissions according to your needs. Control who has access to which actions to ensure optimal security and efficient use of the tool.

User management by specific project and role

Easily manage an unlimited number of users by adding them to projects with custom roles for optimal access control and efficient use of the tool.

Types of requests configurable by project

Customize request types for each project with Agilesk. To subsequently define specific fields and workflows for each request type.

Custom fields by type, status and project

If necessary, adding custom fields is possible on requests, projects and other types of Agilesk data. Allowing you to customize business data.

Management of projects and sub-projects

Easily manage projects and subprojects. You can track the request status of each project or have an overview of all your projects in one place.

Management of requests and filters by criteria

Manage your requests efficiently. You can filter requests by different criteria and create custom views to make it easier to track and manage your requests.

Managing attachments to requests

Easily add, view and download your request attachments with Agilesk. Make collaboration and tracking easier with this convenient feature.

Personalized request listing and reporting

List requests and create personalized reports using more than 30 search criteria and tailor-made tables for effective tracking and analysis.

Kanban board by project and search criteria

As tasks progress through the different stages, the Kanban view allows you to visualize progress and identify blocked or delayed requests.

Gantt report by project, period and other criteria

The Gantt chart makes it easy to visualize tasks, their deadlines and dependencies. Don't lose sight of your plans, so you can adjust your plan if necessary.

User-specific Email and Mobile notifications

Email and Push notifications help you stay informed if others @mention you or make changes to requests you're interested in.

Personalized workflow and management rules

Configure your workflows in one place and based on roles and request types. All requests will follow exactly the steps you want.

PDF, XLS and CSV export of tailor-made reports

PDF, XLS, and CSV export options allow you to easily share data from your project or specific views with your partners.

Cloud hosting on flexible server

Depending on the needs of your IT team, you can quickly use Agilesk on the cloud, benefiting from the speed, flexibility and capacity of suitable cloud servers.

On-premises hosting on internal server

You can also opt for on-site hosting. Agilesk can be installed and hosted on custom containers on your internal IT infrastructure.

Security and data replication on the server

Hosting methods adopting the highest level of security to ensure data confidentiality and allow regular backup of your settings, projects and requests.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Customer support 24/7

At Agilesk, we place great importance on optimizing your user experience. To achieve this goal, we are committed to providing you with first-class support that meets your specific needs. Our support packages are tailored to suit different company sizes and budgets, ensuring that you receive unrivalled service.

Interactive online training

Improve your working methodology using Agilesk’s free, web-based educational hub. The program includes instructional videos explaining the fundamentals, supervised experiential activities for practical application, and assessments to reinforce your understanding. The e-learning platform will take the mystery out of project management.

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