Design and communication request management software

Effective collaboration for successful design and communication projects.

Ongoing monitoring of requests for proactive management.

Software for managing design and communication requests.

Centralized resources for simplified organization.


Ensure customer satisfaction

Efficient collaboration for harmonious projects

Improve the level of communication between design and communication departments within the organization, with the aim of facilitating effective collaboration and establishing a stronger sense of unity.

Real-time monitoring for proactive management

You can easily monitor the progress of your design and communication requests in real time, enabling you to manage tasks efficiently and guarantee their timely completion.

Centralize requests for optimal organization

By consolidating all design and communication requests on a single platform, your team’s management and organization processes become more streamlined and efficient.

Customize workflows for maximum efficiency

Customizing workflows to meet the specific needs of your team is essential to improving the efficiency of task and process management.

Detailed reports for in-depth analysis

Get comprehensive reports that provide detailed information on the effectiveness of your design and communication projects, enabling you to evaluate and improve your strategies.

Seamless integration with design tools

You can easily integrate Agilesk into your preferred design software, ensuring that your files are perfectly synchronized and enabling efficient collaboration.

Managing resources for a balanced distribution

Improve the efficiency of your design and communication resources by strategically allocating tasks to achieve a well-balanced distribution and increase overall productivity.

Meeting deadlines

To ensure that deadlines are consistently met, it’s essential to use reminders and follow-up alerts. These proactive measures will help you ensure timely completion and delivery of your projects.

Intelligent prioritization for strategic management

Organize and classify your design and communication requests according to their importance, facilitating efficient resource management and maximizing their use for strategic purposes.

Transparent communication for smooth collaboration

Improve the communication efficiency of your design and communications team by using integrated chat and comment features, which promote effortless collaboration.

Complete action history for clear traceability

With access to a complete record of all actions taken on each application, there is an increased level of transparency and understanding of the processes involved.

Cross-platform accessibility for total flexibility

Use the flexibility and productivity offered by Agilesk’s accessibility on a variety of devices and operating systems, enabling you to work efficiently from any location.

Still not sure if Agilesk is right for you?

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Features for design and communication request management software

Web software

Agilesk’s online software offers a practical, user-friendly interface accessible via a web browser. It facilitates the efficient, centralized management of design and communication requests. The software enables users to generate, monitor and review requests, as well as promote collaboration between team members. It is also easily accessible from any computer connected to the Internet.

Mobile application

Agilesk has created a mobile app that allows users to easily manage design and communication requests from anywhere. The app can be used on iOS and Android devices and has a user-friendly interface designed for mobile use. Users can receive notifications, access and make changes to their requests, and communicate with others, all on their smartphones or tablets.


Roles and permissions

Agilesk’s roles and permissions feature allows users to grant different permissions to each person according to their roles and responsibilities. They can create customized roles with specific access rights for design and communication requests. This creates a secure system where only authorized people can access sensitive data, promoting efficient collaboration.

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What users think

Several months ago, we began implementing Agilesk as our service procurement request management system, and we are extremely pleased with its performance so far. The app is user-friendly and allows us to keep a centralized record of all our requests. In addition, we were satisfied with the fast and efficient technical assistance provided by the Agilesk team when needed.

Maria Débé

Purchasing Manager

Using Agilesk has allowed us to effectively streamline our service request management. Thanks to this, we are now able to get a complete overview of all pending requests and closely monitor their progress. Additionally, the software’s user interface is friendly and accessible, catering to even the least technologically experienced people. We highly recommend implementing Agilesk to all organizations looking to amplify their customer service and support procedures.

Julien Mazarin

IT and Outsourcing Director

We have been using Agilesk Web for over a year and have seen significant improvement in our service request management. This application allows us to effortlessly monitor requests in real time, detect potential obstacles and improve our communication with service providers. We are extremely happy with our decision to implement Agilesk and highly suggest this solution to any business looking to streamline their service purchasing process.

Steve Mikayel

Marketing director

Satisfaction guaranteed

Customer support 24/7

Our team at Agilesk is dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible experience. We use Agilesk ourselves to manage technical and functional support, and we constantly strive to set an example of excellence. Our tailor-made support packages are designed to suit all kinds of businesses and use cases. Above all, we are committed to providing you with the best possible service.

Interactive online training

With Agilesk’s free online training portal, you can optimize the way you work and learn key concepts through didactic videos, practical exercises and knowledge checks. Project management will be easier than ever thanks to this online training platform.

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