Sales request management software

Interactive, open customer relations thanks to digital technology.

Increase customer satisfaction.

Sales request management software.

Build customer loyalty and enhance your brand.


Satisfying every customer

Efficient sales receipt management

Efficiently track and supervise every sales request made by your customers, from initiation to resolution, to ensure optimum customer satisfaction.

Lead follow-up

Accurately identify and monitor potential customers, meticulously document every interaction and develop strategic actions to turn them into lucrative prospects.

Promotions management

Efficiently organize and oversee your promotional and marketing initiatives, systematically monitoring their progress and reviewing results to improve your sales tactics.

Improved collaboration

Improve cross-functional cooperation between sales, marketing and customer support teams by consolidating data and promoting effortless exchange of information and tasks.

Performance monitoring

Access comprehensive reports that provide detailed information on your sales team’s performance, encompassing their business achievements, goal attainment and critical performance metrics.

Process automation

Set up automated procedures for sales inquiries to streamline repetitive tasks, such as automated distribution of follow-up e-mails, creation of quotations and updating of customer files.

Workflow customization

Customize your workflows to your company’s unique requirements by designing steps and actions tailored to each business request.

Communications follow-up

Keep a complete record of all customer interactions, including telephone conversations, face-to-face discussions and electronic correspondence, in order to gain a full understanding.

Easy integration

Integrate Agilesk with your existing suite of tools and systems, including but not limited to CRM software and marketing automation platforms, to streamline the sales management process.

Accessible from anywhere

Take advantage of the convenience of accessing your sales request management software from a myriad of devices, including computers, tablets and smartphones, to improve your productivity and flexibility.

Data security

We can ensure the protection and confidentiality of our customers’ information thanks to advanced security techniques and appropriate authorization procedures, offering a guarantee that their data will be safeguarded.

Scalability and customization

As your business grows, you can enhance Agilesk’s agility by incorporating additional users, establishing specific designations and permissions, and adapting fields and functionalities as necessary.

Still not sure if Agilesk is right for you?

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Features for sales request management software

Custom fields

Tailor your sales request fields to align them with your company’s unique requirements. Incorporate relevant details, including eligibility standards, important metrics or proprietary data into your sales process, for more accurate and personalized administration.

PDF, XLS and CSV exports

Effortlessly extract your sales data into a variety of file types, including PDF, XLS and CSV. Get comprehensive reports, data tables and practical analyses for in-depth evaluations, easy sharing and seamless integration of additional tools and systems.

Kanban board

Agilesk’s Kanban Board is a sophisticated tool that enables you to efficiently monitor your company’s requests, from initial conception to final delivery. Its intuitive interface allows you to quickly and accurately assess the status of each request, and effortlessly navigate them through the various stages of the process. This tool streamlines the management of sales requests, enabling you to concentrate more easily on other critical aspects of your business.

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What users think

Several months ago, we began implementing Agilesk as our service procurement request management system, and we are extremely pleased with its performance so far. The app is user-friendly and allows us to keep a centralized record of all our requests. In addition, we were satisfied with the fast and efficient technical assistance provided by the Agilesk team when needed.

Maria Débé

Purchasing Manager

Using Agilesk has allowed us to effectively streamline our service request management. Thanks to this, we are now able to get a complete overview of all pending requests and closely monitor their progress. Additionally, the software’s user interface is friendly and accessible, catering to even the least technologically experienced people. We highly recommend implementing Agilesk to all organizations looking to amplify their customer service and support procedures.

Julien Mazarin

IT and Outsourcing Director

We have been using Agilesk Web for over a year and have seen significant improvement in our service request management. This application allows us to effortlessly monitor requests in real time, detect potential obstacles and improve our communication with service providers. We are extremely happy with our decision to implement Agilesk and highly suggest this solution to any business looking to streamline their service purchasing process.

Steve Mikayel

Marketing director

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Looking to advance your career and learn the key concepts of project management? Agilesk offers free online courses that will give you the skills and expertise you need to succeed. With videos, exercises and knowledge checks, these courses are a simple and practical way to advance your career.

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