Logistics management software

Improving logistics procedures to increase efficiency.

Direct tracking of logistics requests provides greater visibility.

Facilitate streamlined communication and cooperation between logistics teams to achieve optimum coordination.

Software for managing logistics requests.


For transparent, digital customer relations in logistics

Centralize customer requests and feedback

Thanks to your customized applications based on Agilesk Web and Agilesk Mobile, your customers will be able to follow the logistics operations carried out by your teams. They’ll also be able to send you requests, remarks or feedback, via these applications, whenever they want, from wherever they want. One thing’s for sure: you’ll always be in touch with your customers.

View and track requests by project

The Agilesk platform will enable you to consult and track the progress of all your customer requests and logistics actions from a single location. And don’t forget that Agilesk’s web software lets you classify tickets by type and project, as well as filter and search them according to very specific criteria: requester, creation date, deadline, status, progress rate, etc.

Visualize your performance indicators

The Agilesk Web tool enables you to generate customized, logistics-specific reports and graphical diagrams, displaying data in real time. These reports are useful for presenting to your teams, partners and customers the performance of your transport and supply projects, current trends and areas for improvement.

Create a transparent, easy-to-access exchange medium

Your customers and logistics teams will be used to a single application for creating and tracking all types of requests and proposals.

Track and progress each request separately

Agilesk helps your logistics teams to focus on each request, whether internal or external, and provide a solution in the shortest possible time.

Organize information and simplify searches

Stop endless email discussions, WhatsApp groups, unstructured tracking files and other unsupported tools.

Encourage teamwork and boost productivity

With request assignment, deadlines and progress statuses, your logistics teams can finally work together.

Promote your logistics department and your brand

The customer support application will be customized with your logo and colors. Your brand will be associated with a positive customer experience.

Save activity and progress history

If you’re a logistics service provider, Agilesk lets you generate periodic reports of resolved requests for your customers.

Consolidate your project-specific workflows

Logistics projects often require specific processes and workflows. Agilesk lets you create your own validation workflow.

Using data to track performance

Using Agilesk, operational teams adopt metrics based on up-to-date data to measure performance.

Connect teams and monitor actions in the field

Whether via a mobile or web application, Agilesk connects your teams and creates a digital HQ for your logistics projects.

Still not sure if Agilesk is right for logistics projects?

If you have any questions about using the Agilesk solution for your specific business needs, we’d be delighted to discuss them with you by instant messaging.


Features most frequently used by logistics request management software

Types of request

Agilesk offers the possibility of establishing customized request classifications tailored to logistics management, encompassing transportation, procurement and storage requests. Thanks to this functionality, the organization’s diverse logistics needs can be efficiently sorted and managed.

Customized statuses

Agilesk offers the ability to customize the status of logistics requests, helping to represent important steps in the process. This allows you to create statuses such as “Pending”, “In Progress”, “Completed” or any other status that aligns with your logistics process, ensuring transparency in tracking the progress of requests.

Kanban board

Agilesk’s Kanban board makes it easy to visualize logistics requests and their progression through the various stages of the process in an intuitive way. The board’s functionality enables requests to be seamlessly dragged and dropped between board columns, streamlining the management and coordination of logistics tasks.

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What users think

Several months ago, we began implementing Agilesk as our service procurement request management system, and we are extremely pleased with its performance so far. The app is user-friendly and allows us to keep a centralized record of all our requests. In addition, we were satisfied with the fast and efficient technical assistance provided by the Agilesk team when needed.

Maria Débé

Purchasing Manager

Using Agilesk has allowed us to effectively streamline our service request management. Thanks to this, we are now able to get a complete overview of all pending requests and closely monitor their progress. Additionally, the software’s user interface is friendly and accessible, catering to even the least technologically experienced people. We highly recommend implementing Agilesk to all organizations looking to amplify their customer service and support procedures.

Julien Mazarin

IT and Outsourcing Director

We have been using Agilesk Web for over a year and have seen significant improvement in our service request management. This application allows us to effortlessly monitor requests in real time, detect potential obstacles and improve our communication with service providers. We are extremely happy with our decision to implement Agilesk and highly suggest this solution to any business looking to streamline their service purchasing process.

Steve Mikayel

Marketing director

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Interactive online training

Optimize the way you work with Agilesk’s free online training portal. The courses feature instructional videos on key concepts, guided practical exercises to apply what you learn, and knowledge checks to consolidate what you’ve learned. Project management will hold no secrets for you thanks to our online training platform.

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