Marketing request management software

Use automation to improve marketing productivity.

Real-time tracking facilitates better marketing visibility.

Simplified collaboration for optimum coordination.

Marketing request management software.


Making every customer happy and satisfied

Collaborative management for maximum efficiency

Effectively foster collaboration between team members, enabling real-time monitoring of the progress of marketing requests and facilitating effective cooperation to achieve outstanding results.

Real-time monitoring for optimum responsiveness

By using real-time tracking and receiving instant notifications, you’ll stay well-informed about the progress of your marketing requests and be able to respond quickly to any changes.

Centralization for simplified management

Centralize all your marketing requests in a single, centralized platform to improve administrative efficiency and facilitate effortless access to critical data and convenient retrieval of essential data.

Customize workflows for greater efficiency

Optimize the efficiency of your marketing team’s processes by adapting and implementing customized workflows. To meet the unique requirements of your marketing unit.

Detailed reports for informed decisions

Enjoy the benefits of receiving in-depth analyses of the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, enabling you to make informed strategic choices and improve your results.

Seamless integration with your marketing tools

Integrate Agilesk with your marketing tools for smooth, effortless data synchronization, facilitating seamless collaboration across different platforms. Agilesk can be easily integrated with your favorite marketing tools.

Efficient resource allocation

Maximize the productivity of your marketing team. Improve the strategic allocation of your resources to ensure a balanced distribution of tasks and achieve optimal productivity within your marketing team.

Meeting deadlines

By using reminders and deadline alerts, you can avoid missing crucial deadlines and ensure that you consistently meet your commitments without fail.

Prioritization for strategic management

Adopt a methodical approach to organizing and classifying your marketing requests according to their importance and influence on your objectives, enabling effective management of strategic projects.

Transparent communication for smooth collaboration

Improve communication within your marketing team with chat and comment features, fostering a culture of effective, effortless collaboration.

Complete traceability of actions

Get a complete overview of the full chronology of activities carried out for each marketing request, facilitating better traceability and promoting a deeper understanding of operational procedures.

Cross-platform accessibility for total flexibility

By using Agilesk with a variety of devices and operating systems, individuals can benefit greatly from the convenience and efficiency it offers, enabling them to work flexibly and productively.

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Features for marketing request management software

Types of request

Agilesk offers the ability to create customized demand classifications well-suited to logistics management, encompassing transportation, procurement and warehousing requirements. This feature enables efficient organization and management of the various logistics needs within an organization.

Customized statuses

Agilesk offers the possibility of adapting the status of logistics requests, enabling the representation of crucial stages in the process. This feature enables the creation of statuses such as ‘Pending’, ‘In Progress’, ‘Completed’, or any other status in line with your logistics process, facilitating transparency in tracking the progress of requests.

Kanban board

Agilesk’s Kanban board makes it easy to visualize logistics requests and their progression through several stages in a user-friendly way. The board function enables effortless movement of requests between columns, improving the efficiency of logistics task management and coordination.

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What users have to say

Agilesk has transformed our customer support operations. The integrated knowledge base and advanced search capabilities have streamlined our processes.

Emma Thompson

Responsable Service Client

Agilesk has significantly improved our customer support. The fast responses and efficient organization of tickets have impressed our customers.

Jean-Pierre Bouchard

Directeur de Projet

Agilesk has enabled us to better manage our customer requests and offer personalized service. Our customer satisfaction has increased considerably.

Camille Dupont

Responsable Marketing

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Our customer support team uses Agilesk to manage our customer service. We are committed to delivering an excellent customer experience and providing assistance tailored to each individual customer. All our formulas are designed to be flexible and adaptable to different businesses and needs. Our top priority is always to provide you with the best possible service.

Interactive online training

With Agilesk’s free online training portal, you can improve the way you work. The portal contains videos showing key concepts, exercises to put what you learn into practice, and tests to help you remember what you’ve learned. You’ll be an expert in project management after using the online training platform.

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