HR and recruitment request management software

Make HR tasks faster and easier

HR request management software

Real-time monitoring of HR requests

Professionalize your Human Resources department


Increase customer satisfaction

Receive requests from your employees

Agilesk Mobile and Web enable you to stay in touch with your employees and capture their needs by allowing them to submit request tickets, remarks or comments at any time of day and from any device.

Track and process requests by type

Agilesk’s web-based tools help you list and respond to requests from your teams, on site or remotely, from a single location. You can use the software to filter and search for requests by type, team name, department, employee, submission date, status and more.

Facilitate reporting and decision-making

The Agilesk Web tool helps you communicate effectively with your colleagues and project managers by providing reports and diagrams that show how responsive your HR team is, what the most frequent requests are and what improvements need to be made.

Task prioritization

Classify and prioritize tasks according to importance and urgency, to improve organization and optimize performance.

Visibility into project progress

Monitor project progress in real time, detect obstacles and make appropriate changes to resources used.

    Assign responsibilities

    Effortlessly delegate tasks to your team members, delimiting their tasks and deadlines to establish a distinct division of responsibilities.


    Integration of popular tools

    Take advantage of the benefits of effortless merging with other tools frequently used by startups, including communication, storage and project management tools.


    Reporting and performance monitoring

    Get comprehensive reports on task and project progress, to improve observability and enable informed decision-making.

    Workflow customization

    Customize your startup's workflows to meet its specific needs with personalized milestones, approvals and notifications.

    Cross-platform accessibility

    Enjoy unrivalled flexibility and mobility by accessing your tasks and projects from any device, whether computer, tablet or smartphone.

    Data security

    Protect your startup's sensitive information by implementing sophisticated security protocols, including encryption and routine data backups.


    Scalability and flexibility

    Agilesk is a scalable solution that enables your startup to effectively manage an increasing volume of tasks and projects by adapting to your growth trajectory, while maintaining optimal operational efficiency.

    Is it really a good HR solution?

    If you have any questions about using the Agilesk tool for your HR team, we’d be delighted to discuss them with you by instant messaging.


    Features for HR request management software

    Customizable request types

    You can use Agilesk to help you with HR tasks like taking time off, learning new things and finding new people to work with. You can run it exactly as you need it, so everything is organized and easy to manage.

    Customized HR workflows

    We draw up a plan in case a company’s labor manager needs help with something. This plan tells us who has to do what and who has to say okay, so that everything is done in the right way and according to the rules.

    Customized HR reporting

    You can get special reports that tell you how your team is performing and how long it’s taking them to complete their work. This helps you make good choices and improve the way things are done.

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    What users have to say

    Agilesk has transformed our customer support operations. The integrated knowledge base and advanced search capabilities have streamlined our processes.

    Emma Thompson

    Responsable Service Client

    Agilesk has significantly improved our customer support. The fast responses and efficient organization of tickets have impressed our customers.

    Jean-Pierre Bouchard

    Directeur de Projet

    Agilesk has enabled us to better manage our customer requests and offer personalized service. Our customer satisfaction has increased considerably.

    Camille Dupont

    Responsable Marketing

    Satisfaction guaranteed

    Customer support 24/7

    We use Agilesk to manage our company’s technical and customer support. Our team is committed to providing an exceptional customer experience by offering tailored support and Agilesk Web and Mobile access. Our formulas enable us to adapt to all types of businesses and use cases. The most important thing is to offer you the best possible service.

    Interactive online training

    The Agilesk online training portal offers free courses that teach you important concepts, provide exercises to help you apply what you’ve learned and test your knowledge. After completing the courses, you’ll have a better understanding of project management.

    Free 30-day trial

    Try out Agilesk Mobile with all its features. Take the time to create your projects, invite users, add requests and tasks, assign them and visualize everything in Gantt, Kanban and multitudes of customized reports.