Task and project management software

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Task and project management software

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Benefits of task and project management software

Centralized task management

Implementing a centralized task management system enables streamlined tracking and organization of all team tasks, improving efficiency and coordination.

Real-time collaboration

Engage in real-time collaboration by working in synchronized teams, providing task updates, offering feedback and sharing files instantly.

Monitoring deadlines

Maintain a global understanding of all deadlines and their progress, avoiding any potential delays or time overruns.

Kanban boards

Make it easy to organize tasks and track workflows with customizable Kanban boards that enable intuitive categorization by step. This visual management tool streamlines productivity thanks to its user-friendly interface.

Easy task allocation

Efficient task allocation: speed up the process of assigning tasks to team members, by clearly defining their respective responsibilities and ensuring that no task is overlooked.

Workload visualization

Optimize task allocation by using visualization techniques to analyze workloads and make any necessary adjustments to assignments.

Progress monitoring

Make it easy to monitor progress by tracking both individual tasks and the overall project, providing a complete view of progress.

Priority management

Effective prioritization means ranking tasks according to their level of importance, ensuring that the most critical tasks are given priority.

Notifications and reminders

Stay up to date in real time by receiving notifications and reminders of deadlines, comments and updates, ensuring you’re always in the know.

Flexible customization

Customize workflows, data fields and parameters to meet the distinct requirements of your team and projects with a high level of adaptability.

Modification history

Enable retrieval and review of a complete record of job changes, making tracking and restoration effortless.

Reports and statistics

Get comprehensive reports and statistics on your team’s performance to enable meticulous analysis and facilitate a continuous improvement process.

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Most frequently used features of task management software

Collaborative task management

Agilesk facilitates effective teamwork with collaborative task management, enabling team members to assign tasks, track progress and collaborate on comments and associated files in a user-friendly interface.

Advanced planning with Gantt

Agilesk is task management software that provides teams with sophisticated Gantt chart-based planning capabilities, enabling them to effectively organize and prioritize tasks, establish interdependencies and monitor critical project deadlines.

Customizable Kanban board

Agilesk provides a highly customizable Kanban board that enables users to effectively visualize and manage task workflows. With the ability to generate and modify columns, as well as move tasks seamlessly between them, users can effectively monitor the progress of each task.

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What users think

Several months ago, we began implementing Agilesk as our service procurement request management system, and we are extremely pleased with its performance so far. The app is user-friendly and allows us to keep a centralized record of all our requests. In addition, we were satisfied with the fast and efficient technical assistance provided by the Agilesk team when needed.

Maria Débé

Purchasing Manager

Using Agilesk has allowed us to effectively streamline our service request management. Thanks to this, we are now able to get a complete overview of all pending requests and closely monitor their progress. Additionally, the software’s user interface is friendly and accessible, catering to even the least technologically experienced people. We highly recommend implementing Agilesk to all organizations looking to amplify their customer service and support procedures.

Julien Mazarin

IT and Outsourcing Director

We have been using Agilesk Web for over a year and have seen significant improvement in our service request management. This application allows us to effortlessly monitor requests in real time, detect potential obstacles and improve our communication with service providers. We are extremely happy with our decision to implement Agilesk and highly suggest this solution to any business looking to streamline their service purchasing process.

Steve Mikayel

Marketing director

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Customer support 24/7

At Agilesk, we use our own software to manage technical and functional support for our customers. Our team is dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience and personalized support to help you get the most out of Agilesk Web and Mobile. With our flexible approach means we can meet the needs of businesses of all sizes and in all sectors. Our aim is always to provide you with the best possible service.

Interactive online training

Agilesk offers free online training courses covering the key concepts of project management and tracking internal and external tasks and requests. The courses include didactic tutorials, guided application exercises and knowledge assessments. After completing the courses, you’ll have a better understanding of how to manage projects, track the progress of tickets and use all the features of the Agilesk platform.

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