Collaboration solutions for all teams and professions

Agilesk’s versatile, user-friendly platform is designed to adapt to each project’s specific requirements and unique processes. This level of adaptability provides great flexibility to your teams, creating an open support platform that effectively assists them in accomplishing their tasks and achieving business objectives more easily.

Agility for everyone

For all teams

Customer service

Agilesk empowers service teams to deliver a pleasant customer experience and maintain effective communication within projects, spanning from technical assistance to performance support.


Execute your business vision by efficiently managing purchasing requests, strengthening collaboration with partners, and accessing advanced, real-time reporting.


Agilesk enables logistics companies to track transportation operations, improve customer communications, stay organized, build loyalty, and win more business.

Human ressources

Centralize recruitment requests and HR administrative requests to allow your human resources management team to collaborate effectively and achieve objectives.

Project management

Having trouble getting an overview of your projects? Agilesk connects everything for you, from roles and projects, through tasks and actions, to programs and portfolios.

IT support

Meet the needs of your staff and customers by managing daily IT service requests, support tickets and complaints in one place.


Stand out from the competition, facilitate the collaboration of your marketing teams within your communication projects, and make each of your campaigns an organizational model.

Digital development

Tools allowing your engineering teams to succeed in their projects: creation and monitoring of requests, classification by criteria, validation workflows and personalized and real-time reports.


Simplify and easily track your entire sales pipeline with Agilesk’s lead tracking template. Analyze data and work as a team to turn prospects into customers.

Digital Marketing

Optimize your campaigns and give your creative teams the project management tools they need. Collaborate and track the performance of your online marketing actions.


Communicate a clear and precise vision of priorities, tasks and workloads, so that everyone is aligned with the vision and objectives of your startup.

Design and communication

Discover powerful task management and tracking software that helps creatives stand out. Transform your team’s visions into the execution of spectacular projects.

Essai gratuit de 30 jours

Testez Agilesk Mobile avec toutes les fonctionnalités. Prenez le temps de créer vos projets, inviter des utilisateurs, ajouter des demandes et tâches, les assigner et visualiser le tout sous forme de Gantt, Kanban et multitudes de rapports personnalisés.